Mamo!’s Matty Price Talks P.T. Anderson and his Significance to Cinema

A part of The Substream‘s Very Important Dudes and Dudettes in Film History series, curated by Matty Price in tweed and elbow-patch mode (albeit he’s actually wearing an E.T./Alien-mashup Tee) offers a fair number of insights into one of the younger great auteurs in Cinema working today, Mr. Paul Thomas Anderson; that is P.T. to film snobs. On the threshold of widening release for The Master, let Mr. Price set the scene for you.

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Jandy Hardesty

I can’t agree about Magnolia not coming together as a cohesive whole – I rewatched it this week, and the way the stories interweave symphonically in the middle and then all reach catharsis at the end is spectacular, making it PTA’s most successful film for me.