Looney Tunes to be rebooted as ‘a hybrid live-action/CG film’

According to Hollywood Reporter, Looney Tunes is set to be “rebooted” by Warner Bros. with former SNL scribe Jenny Slate and some Harry Potter producer on board to make it happen.

For many of us who are 25+, Looney Tunes is sacred. Still, we can already admit that they were shit on in 2003’s Back in Action and whatever Cartoon Network tried to do with its recent Looney Tunes Show, which was like a Friends version of Bugs, Daffy, and pals, but hell, if Warner Bros. further shits on these characters and makes the next Alvin and the Chipmunks: Chipwrecked, well… well… I’ll probably Tweet something very angrily about it. So, take that Warner Bros.

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Jandy Hardesty

Oh, for the love of…

It’s Chuck Jones’s 100th birthday in two days. Not the right way to honor him, Warner Bros. On the other hand, I rest pretty sure in the knowledge that his legacy (and those of the other original animators) will long outlast any further tampering WB does with the characters.

Matthew Fabb

Don’t forget just a few years ago, when WB made Loonatics Unleashed, which were Looney Tunes as super-heroes living in the distant future, with a Tron-like design:

It’s like a bunch of execs sat around the table and asked what can they do to make Looney Tunes connect with today’s young audience and decided sci-fi and superheroes were popular, why not go with that?

When they have gone that far, really could it get any worst? (which is the kind of thing asked before it gets much, much worst)

Jandy Hardesty

Wow. I don’t even remember hearing about that one. Seems like both that and the Looney Tunes Show Jonathan mentioned both try to force the concept into a serialized TV format, which is not what Looney Tunes ever was.

My one exception to this madness: I think the Animaniacs are awesome. That’s about the only semi-modern Looney Tunes-type thing I can get behind. And that’s, what? Twenty years old at this point? Yeah, fine, whatever. Get off my lawn.

Matthew Fabb

Looking up that clip was the first time I had seen any footage. I just remember people complaining about how bad the designs were when promotional posters had been released.

So yeah, I expect them to make bad Looney Tunes adaptions at this point. Also I realized that even if they made a good adaption that I could quite possibly completely miss it existing since I’m not the target audience.