Video Reviews: TIFF Midnight Madness (all of ’em)

The gang assembled for TIFF almost every night at Midnight to catch up on the days films as well as anticipate what gory and gonzo cinema would scar our psyche in the Midnight Madness sidebar. Below (tucked under the seat) are a few of the Substream segments that Rajo and Mike prepared with a series of guest hosts for each night of the Madness. Matty Price, Matthew Brown, Kurt Halfyard all host a segment (and cameo in other segments), while occasional row three contributor Tom Clift was all the way up from Melbourne, Australia to talk about his festival in Part 10 of the video series. Plenty more friends, critics, film directors, hell, even Programmer Colin Geddes’ mom chime in, along with random folks waiting in line, on what it is like to attend TIFF Midnight Madness – and why you should be planning out your way-after-hours vacation time for September 2013.

Videos are tucked under the seat.

Matt P. on Hellbenders (Day 4)

Kurt on Come Out And Play (Day 8)

Matt B. on John Dies at the End (Day 10)

The rest of them can be found here at the

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Marina Antunes

I’ve loved this coverage of Midnight Madness. It was almost like being there.


Matthew Fabb

I make a cameo (aka I’m interviewed) during the coverage of Midnight Madness’ ABCs of Death, showing that I have a face for radio. It was my first time going to Midnight Madness as as mentioned in the interview, the Substream coverage last year totally sold me on making sure I went this year to Midnight Madness. And this year I wish I could have gone to more than just 2 screenings of Midnight Madness screenings and will likely try to fit more in next year.

This was also the first year I bought a package, small one at that with the 5 ticket Back Half Pack. I think next year, I will bump it up and go with 10-Ticket Flex Pack.

Thanks for the Substream, RowThree & the MAMO boys who have gotten me slowly taking in more TIFF each year. However, I don’t think I will go all-in like Matthew Price did this year with 50+ movies. 🙂

Sean Patrick Kelly

You can see me standing in the background during the Dredd 3D video (about 2:30 in). It’s unintentionally humourous, since the perspective makes it look like I’m peeking out from behind the tree.

In reality, I was nowhere near the tree and the “peeking” was a result of my ADHD habit of rocking back and forth while waiting in line.