Mamo’s #TIFF12 Coverage, Part Three: You Are Where?

Special guest star Justin Souther joins us on Day 7 of the Toronto International Film Festival 2012! Our coverage of the festival continues with conversation about Looper, Lords of Salem, At Any Price, Berberian Sound Studio, Yellow, Imogene, Seven Psychopaths, Thale, In the House, Mushrooming, and The Master. You can find Justin’s podcast, Elitist Bastards Go To The Movies, right here.

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I’m really glad to hear that Lords of Salem is good. I can’t wait to see it. I haven’t loved everything Zombie has done, but I recognize he is an original voice. I’m always interested in what he is doing.


I saw the midnight madness of Zombie’s film without having seen any of his prior films. My take: there is a charming DIY quality to it, and just visually creepy and fun. I wouldn’t say it is a well made film, but it does the job, it is a perfect midnight madness gore fest.