Mamo’s #TIFF12 Coverage, Part One: You Are Here

Live from the Toronto International Film Festival 2012! Join us as we grab a bite to eat between shows and discuss the American Beauty live-read, Midnight Madness’ Dredd 3D, Peter Mettler’s The End of Time, and the nautical goings-on of Kon-Tiki, along with the importance of being in the moment. You will believe two men can order dinner.

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So, how were the dripping chips?

I too thought Dredd was good fun. As a Britisher, 2000AD loomed large in my childhood, and the film didn’t let me down… too much.

(letterboxd review I wrote after getting in from seeing the film last night: )

Sean Kelly

I was quite annoyed by the delay of DREDD 3D and was probably minutes from heading home when they finally let in. Glad I stayed, though I was a bit of a zombie the next day.


[…]  Den kanadiske podcasten MaMo var og på det jevne fornøyd med Kon-Tiki. De hadde noen små problemer med de to første aktene, men mente at tredje og siste akt i filmen redder mye av totalopplevelsen. Den podcasten kan høres her.  […]