Kids Talk Film #14: PlayTime

Before Willem and Miranda (Kurt’s kids) to back to school after this labour day holiday, they get a big dose of cinema-school with a 70mm print viewing of Jacques Tati’s 1967 classic PlayTime! Episode #14 finds them talking about the film from the road as they get the heck outta town!

The entire series, designed to be a not-too-varnished look at how young kids process movies both in storytelling, plot and meaning, can be found on the Vimeo Kids Talk Film Channel.

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Marc Saint-Cyr

This is great! Some nice points on one of my all-time favourite films. So glad the kids dug it – and got the privilege to see it in 70mm!


Thanks, Marc!

We are blessed in this city. I was lucky enough to get them out to 70mm presentations of Playtime and 2001: A Space Odyssey!

(And it was really tempting to see JAWS which was brought back for this weekend…unfortunately it was playing at the same time as PLAYTIME, and I figured when are you ever going to get the chance to see this film in 70mm ever again.)