We already know you love the game… or maybe you hate the game? Either way, discuss your misadventures within this specific video game title.

Remember not all of us have played it yet or we might be just starting out. Games are usually not as spoilery in the story department as movies are, but just to be courteous, if this is one of those very story intensive games (like “Knight of the Old Republic” or something) and you have some major plot development twist to mention, just be nice guy Greg and mark your statement as a SPOILER. Thanks!

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Sean Patrick Kelly

I was a big player of World of Warcraft for about 5 years, but I took a hiatus for most of this year since I found I wasn’t playing often enough to justify paying the somewhat expensive subscription fee.

However, because a new expansion pack is due in September, I have recently reactivated my account and I will try to get back into the game.