1. Current Games I’m Playing:
    X-Box 360: Mass Effect 3 (took a brief hiatus over the summer, plan to resume it soon)

    Nintendo 3DS: New Super Mario Bros 2, Resident Evil Revelations

    PC: World of Warcraft

    iPhone: Scrabble, Jeopardy (I also, like pretty much everyone, occasionally play Angry Birds and Plants vs Zombies)

  2. I’ve not been playing as many ‘full time’ games recently other than a recent dip back into Skyrim.

    I’ve been playing a lot of the ‘quick-fix’ games on my 3DS, mainly e-shop downloads like Pushmo and Zen Pinball as well as Super Mario 3D Land.

    I’ve also finally been trying out a couple of the indie games downloaded through the Humble Indie Bundle.

    Has anyone else taken part in this? http://www.humblebundle.com

    I think it’s great. Every month or so they offer a bundle of generally well regarded indie games to buy – you name your own price and the money gets shared between the developers, a chosen charity and the Humble team. You also get to choose what percentage goes to whom. To try and prevent everyone from just donating tiny amounts, they always offer bonus games to anyone that donates above the average amount.

    I don’t always get around to playing all the games I get in the bundles, but you always get the soundtracks too and they’re often excellent and worth the donation alone (in fact they’ve done a soundtrack only bundle too).

  3. My soul has been reabsorbed into playing like 3 characters in Dark Souls again. Nothing plays like this game, before or since, real terror, real dread, real skill, atmospheric.

    Love it so much.

    • Dark Souls is pretty awesome. The atmosphere is great and the challenge is unmatched by any modern game. Equal parts frustrating and fun. 🙂

      Glad they went with open world versus the hub that they were using for Demon’s Souls. The load times were VERY frustrating due to dying a lot.

    • I actually prefer Demon’s Souls to Dark Souls.

      I don’t use hint guides. I played and lost to Bed of Chaos about 30 times before resorting to a hint guide. When I found the answer I was very disappointed. What a horribly designed boss! That guys ruined my Dark Souls experience. I beat the game, but the last quarter of the game was miserable for me.

      I’m going to re-buy Demon’s Souls when it hits PSN this Tuesday, just so I can play it sans disc loading.

      Demon’s Souls is probably my favorite PS3 game.

      • I really love both but Dark edges Demon out for the refined health / magic changes.

        Also I love that the Bed of Chaos is something completely different and a platforming boss.

        • Here is my gripe with Bed of Chaos:

          The conceit of Dark Souls and Demon’s Souls is that it is hard but fair. That is if you learn from your deaths and observe enemy patterns and clues the way forward will be revealed to you.

          So I played Bed of Chaos the first time. I step onto the central dias and get 1-hit killed by giant tree arms. Lesson learned. Don’t step onto the central dias or you will die.

          After learning that lesson I make my way around the perimeter to avoid the giant tree arms. I take out the left orb, and I take out the right orb. Okay I think to myself, there must be some weak spot behind him. The central dias is a suicide mission. Set foot in there and you will die so look for some other way forward. There is too much area to run through the central dias and not get hit by the arms. It’s a fool’s errand to set foot in there.

          So I try about 30 times to make my way behind him using the outside perimeter. And die either from arm sweeps or miss timed jumps. I’m making progress, but its very minimal. I’m pretty good at video games, but this was testing my patience. I finally gave up and looked up the answer on YouTube. My jaw dropped as I saw the horrible solution.

          When you step on the central dias AFTER taking out the right and left orbs, the center crumbles and there is a root path revealed. So unlike every other part of the Souls games the solution was not to learn the lessons from previous encounters, it was to ignore it entirely. In this case you charge headlong into the danger zone, the floor crumbles beneath the dias and a root path is revealed. Embark on a suicide mission and that is the way forward. Why didn’t I think of that?

          This is terrible game design.

  4. I’m currently playing L.A. Noire, which has pretty much taken up all my time and attention. Before that I played Batman: Arkham City and started Alice: Madness Returns. BEFORE those, I started Dark Souls, which has been awesome….except for Blighttown. I hate that place. It’s designed well, but I hate playing that area.

    I’ve also started Bioshock, Skyrim and have the DLC of Fallout 3 to play, but I haven’t played in so long I kind of want to just start over.

  5. Here’s is my updated playing list.

    X-Box 360:
    Dead Island

    World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria
    Half-Life (the original, which I recently bought off Steam)

    The Simpson’s Tapped Out
    Bejeweled Blitz
    Words with Friends

  6. I’ve been playing Skyrim for over a year. I’m lucky if I play it once a month. I am an embarrassment to my past gaming self. Past-Jonathan is amazed that Present-Jonathan is so responsible with his time (usually).

    With that said, I really want to play the new Bethesda game Dishonored… but I suppose I should beat Skyrim first.

  7. I’ve been checking out this new online game called Dead Zone. Its all about zombies and building your base up. Its pretty cool. Its a browser game, so I can use my older laptop to play.

  8. Post-holiday playing list.

    X-Box 360:
    Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim – This has been taking up the bulk of my time.

    Nintendo 3DS:
    Paper Mario: Sticker Star – This one really goes all out with the “Paper” premise.

    Diablo III – Not as in-depth as Skyrim, but still fun

  9. Time to update my playlist.

    X-Box 360:
    Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim – Hasn’t left the system since I got it, though I’ve slowed down a bit.

    Ghostbusters – Despite simplistic gameplay and repetitive missions, this is a fun little “freemium” game.

  10. *Sigh* I keep going back to Eve Online. I can’t help myself. I quit for a couple of months and suddenly get an urge. This time it was DUST. I started playing DUST(FPS tied to Eve Online) open BETA on PS3 and suddenly had to go back to playing EVE. Not sure if the game is THAT good or I’m just a sucker.

  11. Going to venture into gaming for the first time since SuperNES. Pretty much the same thing right?

    Listening to Game Junk has prepared me somewhat… still trying to figure out what console to buy although I am leaning pretty hard on Play Station, maybe buying used PS3 now, PS4 later (I am of the understanding that old games will not be able to be played on PS4, and I want to play Red Dead and The Walking Dead).

    any recommendations on games appreciated too.

    • Outside of HALO and the better controller, I don’t get why people like the Xbox better than the PS.

      Games are better, interface is better, online play is FREE, built-in Blu-ray, bigger hard drive, looks nicer aesthetically, to purchase DLC, you just buy it you don’t have to purchase coins (some of which you won’t need) and then use the coins to purchase DLC, PLayStation PLUS is awesome for someone just starting out – you get like 17 free downloadable games (good games) and all sorts of discounts on other stuff.

      As for games, yeah RED DEAD is pretty much the best game I’ve played in years. You will love the look and the soundtrack, Rot. Other games, not sure what types of games you like, but:
      Grand Theft Auto 4
      God of War III
      Infamous (1 & 2)
      Hitman: Absolution
      Assassin’s Creed II (2 is better than 3 in my opinion)
      any of the Uncharted games (might as well play them in order)
      any of the Bioshock games (might as well play them in order)
      Portal 2
      XCOM: Enemy Unknown

      Good luck!

      • The most popular games are usually made by third party companies, which publish to both systems. So, it’s a matter of preference really.

        Even though they can’t shake their family-friendly reputation (and X-Box 360 is my current console), I’m still personally a big supporter (at least in the handheld world) of Nintendo (and I have quite a big collection of DS/3DS games).

      • I have heard good things about Heavy Rain too. I am interested in immersive stories more than shoot-em-ups, if a game can give me a sense of immediacy and atmosphere and that choices I make alter the path of the game, to a newbie like me this is revolutionary. Holodeck shit.

        The promo for Watch Dogs for PS4 blew my mind.

        • Yeah Watch Dogs looks ridiculously awesome.

          I was going to suggest HEAVY RAIN but it’s less of a game and more of a movie in which you make choices. I bet you would love JOURNEY. I beat it in about 2 hours, but those two hours were bliss.

          For Grand storytelling, GOD OF WAR III is great. Lots of button mashing fighting, but awesome environments and storytelling.

      • With Uncharted there is no reason to play the 1st game, Bioshock no real reason to play the second game.

        And yeah I will agree with all of that, also Just Cause 2 is a great deal of fun if you just want to mess around in a big world.

        Other than that all the games I am into are kinda hardcore and brutal so I would be terrible at recommendations for new people.

  12. I hope to have more videogame time once I’m finished continuing education courses I’m taking. However, I still have some ongoing games (mostly mobile).

    Simpsons Tapped Out – Probably my top mobile game.
    Draw Something 2 – Huge improvement from the first game.
    Sonic Dash – It’s a Temple Run clone, but with a more familiar character. Spent a few hours with this one.
    Tetris Blitz – Who thought 2 minute games of Tetris would be so fun?
    Dead Ahead – Been having fun with this indie “zombies and motorcycles” game.

    Star Wars: The Old Republish – The game’s story is now totally free to play without subscribing. A good deal if I say so myself.
    World of Warcraft – It’s safe to say that I’m not as into the game as I used to be. Still play semi-regularly.

    Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon – I was a fan of the first game and this one’s no different.
    Castlevania Lords of Shadow: Mirrors of Fate – Fun and challenging.


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