Red Dead Redemption

We already know you love the game… or maybe you hate the game? Either way, discuss your misadventures within this specific video game title.

Remember not all of us have played it yet or we might be just starting out. Games are usually not as spoilery in the story department as movies are, but just to be courteous, if this is one of those very story intensive games (like “Knight of the Old Republic” or something) and you have some major plot development twist to mention, just be nice guy Greg and mark your statement as a SPOILER. Thanks!

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Have fun!


  1. So I started playing this again the other night after a LONG (18 months?) hiatus. Forgot how awesome everything about this game is. It is easily in the top 3 games I’ve ever played. The score is brilliant, the visuals are breathtaking, the voice acting is superb and the gameplay is just too much fun.

    I’m going to play through the whole story mode again, but I’m going to play as the bad guy. I sometimes feel bad about shooting the Sherriff’s dog, but I sell its skin for some money and I feel better. :)

    • Of all the games I’ve ever played, I think I want a sequel to this one the most. I adored every second I spent in it, but I’d rather play a new story than the same one again.

      That said, I am DYING to get Jonathan to play it, just so I can watch him. But he’s on L.A. Noire right now, and he wants to finish up Bioshock next, and he’s got Fallout: New Vegas and I don’t know when I’m going to get him around to RDR. Hopefully sometime this decade. :)

  2. Real talk: RDR was better at being an elegiac western than The Assassination of Jesse James was.

  3. First game played on PS3, mind blown.

    • Possibly the best game I’ve ever played. Wait til you get to Mexico.

      “The Last of Us” appears to be the new “it” game. Apparently it’s an absolute masterpiece. I can’t wait to give it a whirl.

      • Yeah I am not far in it, but I have gone to the picture show, and that was fun.

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