Mobile Gaming

These days the little thing that used to be called “the phone” is now more of a computer/gaming device. So whether you’re rocking the iPhone or an Android or something else, what’s going on with the games with these systems. C’mon, we know you love your Angry Birds.

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I own an Ipod Touch and Android phone, and I have to say, for the most part, mobile gaming sucks — especially games that require you to use a tiny touchscreen controller. Pacman is virtually unplayable in the two mobile devices.

Having said that, I do enjoy Jumping Ninja, Falling Down, and Mega Jump.

David Brook

Anything taken from a console style control scheme with a touchscreen controller is crap, but there are plenty of games which use the touchscreen and gyro controls properly. For me I can’t get into anything all that ‘deep’ on a mobile device, but any sort of simple puzzle or quick fix skill game and I’m there.

I’m pretty old school with it it must be said and play things like solitaire, pool and mahjong most of all. Wooords is good too and Letterbox.

For film lovers like ourselves you can’t beat Enscripted. It’s a word code-breaking game where you’re given a film quote with the letters switched around and you have to figure out the original letters to solve the code and figure out what the film quote is. Brilliant.

I just downloaded Worms Armageddon 2. Can’t beat a bit of Worms. Plays quite well on the iPhone.