Mamo #267: User Interface

We return for our annual preview episode for the Toronto International Film Festival, reading the book so you don’t have to. Vanguard! Contemporary World Cinema! Reel to Real! Midnight Madness! We highlight our top picks for the festival, and – somewhat inexplicably – give unsolicited functionality advice to 4 different web sites, including Row Three.

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In defense of the TV threads, the kind of spoiler conversations of television has existed on Row Three long before this division, however it would more likely occur as a tangent within a thread on a topic entirely distinct. In the pursuit to avoid spoilers it makes more sense to designate threads by program, so if that sort of conversation is happening and I see in bold BREAKING BAD as the header in recent comments, I know what I am getting into to look further. Where I find spoilers the worst actually is on Tumblr feeds, or like Price said, Twitter.

I think this all started with our Lost thread which on a separate site of Row Three and it was epic, like probably the longest thread we ever had and speaking for myself, one of the most valuable resources for parsing the meanings of the show, in week by week real-time.

As Andrew says in the Cinecast nobody uses forums, they always fail because the internet is already so splintered that if they are going to come to your site you better have your goods up front and center, not ask that they meet you in the alley after hours. So long as people apply the spoiler headers the recent comments section should be safer the most places on the internet.

Andrew James

Right. I guess I should’ve kept the original post up on the main page a little longer which clearly states “we don’t want a forum.”

No forum has ever existed on RowThree that is visible to visitors’ eyes. And it never will.

If spoilers become a problem, we’ll nip it in the bud, but outside of one or two small gaffes it has never been a problem in the 5+ years of RowThree.


I also like the accessibility of the TV posts. I think some of them will remain vacant, but I always predict many of them will flourish. Either way, it provides and outlet for those of us who have somehow steered hundreds of different posts into conversations about Breaking Bad.

Sean Kelly

Just in time for single tickets going on sale tomorrow, TIFF has released on official off sale list.

It’s surprisingly small (for now).

This will definitely help with me finalizing my picks.

Sean Kelly

Single tickets went on sale today and it was definitely one of my better purchasing experiences.

Last year, I waited 8 long hours in line, this year it was only 5 (which included the 2 hours I waited for the box office to open).

I liked how they had a whole separate box office for TIFF members, which I believe progressed faster than the general public line.

I did read some horror stories on twitter involving the online queuing system, but I don’t think there were any crashes this year (at least one hour of my wait last year was due to a crash).

Matthew Fabb

So I got my 5Back Half Pack tickets the other day and I was surprised to see that I could buy more than 1 ticket to each showing. Had I known this before hand, I might have gotten the 10 tickets pack instead.

Question, are you allowed to buy multiple tickets to a screening with other packages? Like if I possibly wanted to upgrade to the 10-Ticket Flex Pack next year? Because then I could buy TIFF movie tickets similar to the way I buy concert tickets. Buy 2 tickets one for me and then figure out afterwards who is interested in seeing it. As at the $10 or even $16 range more of my friends are interested than at the $20 for a single ticket.

Matthew Fabb

Nevermind, looking through the TIFF website, I found in the ticket policies section you can buy up to 4 tickets to any screening for any of the My Choice Packs. So perhaps I might bump up to either the 10-Ticket Flex Pack or the 10 Back Half Pack and use that to buy tickets to 5 movies.