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David Brook

The guys over at Humble Bundle have just launched their first Humble eBook Bundle. Basically you pay what you like for a bundle of eBooks and the proceeds get split between the authors, charities and the Humble Bundle people (you can decide how it’s split). You get more books if you pay above the average though.

It looks like mainly sci-fi/fantasy novels (which is why I posted here) – might be some gems in there. The ‘bonus books’ for paying above the average look decent anyway.

Check it out here:

Matthew Fabb

Interesting, as I’m a big fan of Cory Doctorow and was planning on buying Pirate Cinema.

Also Neil Gaiman’s & Dave McKean’s Signal to Noise is amazing.

However, while I’ve made the switch to e-books for technical books, I still like physical books for the novels I read. Despite the fact that I’m running out of room in my study for all my books.


The best thing ever is that you can check out ebooks from you library system. This is an incredible feature if you live in a area that has a large library system which happens to be case with Los Angeles County.