• This really shows how the times have changed in 30 years.

      Dating back to the NES days, renting videogames and/or borrowing them from friends was just a way of life. My parents never really bought me too many games when I was a kid, so many games I played through weekend rentals.

      While the concept of videogame rentals is virtually non-existent in this day and age, there are still many games I’ve borrowed from friends and family. It really sucks that I won’t be able to do that with the X-Box One.

      Also, the Used Game market is probably dead (though I wasn’t personally a huge supporter of re-selling games – thanks to my collector mentality)

    • It’s absolutely ridiculous. Surely this is going to tank horrifically? The used game market is huge in the UK and I imagine elsewhere. New games are just too expensive these days. High street video game retailers will be gone if everyone else follows suite (although they’re struggling already to be fair).

      And as for the ‘must be online everyday’ thing, what the hell are they thinking? Do they not realise that people have power outages, move house, change internet providers? I imagine there will be some complicated process of fixing things if you have a valid excuse, but why should it be necessary? Baffling.

      I’ve got an XBox 360 and as much as I’m happy with it (other than the fact that it’s shoddily constructed so has had to have been repaired twice for the infamous ‘red rings of death’) I’m definitely not getting an XBox One.

      • If the Call of Duty Fantasy Football audience follows them into this generation it will not matter because it will not tank.

      • The X-Box One is also seemingly pushing for the death of physical media. Even if you opt to buy games in disc form, all that will happen is the game will install on the console’s hard drive and the disc will become a paperweight.

        Also, even though all the anger currently focused on X-Box, who’s to say that the PS4 won’t have a similar DRM feature in place?

        • Since a great deal of those policies are coming from publishers you can bet Sony will share a great deal of them.

          The 24 / 1 hour online stuff is the only thing I could see Sony dropping.

    • Those policies are being pushed forward because EA, Ubisoft and Activision are threatening the big two console manufactures with the fact that used game sales take a huge chunk out of their business.

  1. Game Junk goes into this and yeah I can see the reasoning behind forcing away from used game sales considering how much work is put into a game but it only works if all the main consoles do it and PS has said no as far as I am aware. Again complete newbie, but if they allow you test out games first online before you buy I don’t care so much if there are no used games. Maybe they could then lower the prices all around somewhat as an incentive. I am interested in greater AI complexity to the gaming, that it modifies and feels less and less like something preset. If that takes the companies creating them needing more money then so be it… I don’t know the profit margin on these things…

    • You can currently download demo versions of games via the X-Box Live Marketplace, which I expect will continue with the X-Box One.

      I don’t really think it’s reselling games that’s the biggest concern. It’s more about the fact that you are no longer allowed to loan a game to your friends.

      Of course, this type of DRM is not new, since PC games have been using a similar method for years (I have a large pile of game discs, which are pretty much useless, unless I need to reinstall).

      • Do people loan games to their friends anymore? It’s all about online co-op now so loaning games is pretty much a thing of the past. The one company this potentially really hurts is Redbox.

        • I just borrowed Hitman from Jed and he took my Red Dead. I also borrowed Halo: Reach from my other friend. I don’t do much, but I still borrow and lend.

          Also, ALL of my games were purchased used. I would never buy a $60 game when I know I can get it for $30 in just a couple of months. Then $20 after 6 months. And even less as time goes on.


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