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Game Junk goes into this and yeah I can see the reasoning behind forcing away from used game sales considering how much work is put into a game but it only works if all the main consoles do it and PS has said no as far as I am aware. Again complete newbie, but if they allow you test out games first online before you buy I don’t care so much if there are no used games. Maybe they could then lower the prices all around somewhat as an incentive. I am interested in greater AI complexity to the gaming, that it modifies and feels less and less like something preset. If that takes the companies creating them needing more money then so be it… I don’t know the profit margin on these things…

Sean Kelly

You can currently download demo versions of games via the X-Box Live Marketplace, which I expect will continue with the X-Box One.

I don’t really think it’s reselling games that’s the biggest concern. It’s more about the fact that you are no longer allowed to loan a game to your friends.

Of course, this type of DRM is not new, since PC games have been using a similar method for years (I have a large pile of game discs, which are pretty much useless, unless I need to reinstall).

Matt Gamble

Do people loan games to their friends anymore? It’s all about online co-op now so loaning games is pretty much a thing of the past. The one company this potentially really hurts is Redbox.

Sean Kelly

I still have Fallout 3 on my shelf, which I borrowed ages ago from my cousin. Similarly, he still has my copy of Mass Effect 2.

David Brook

And of course, Microsoft have reversed all of their controversial decisions, tail between their legs: