Trailer: Star Wars Detours

I like Star Wars. I like making fun of the prequels. But… what… uh… um… eh… who… asked for this? Coming to Cartoon Network with the official seal of approval from LucasFilms, Star Wars: Detours looks to be the love child of Star Wars and whatever lowbrow cartoon you despise the most.

Obi-Wan doing stand up. Leia being a Valley Girl. Organized dancing. Vader ordering lunch at a diner. Han Solo putting on the Indiana Jones fedora. I guess I just don’t get it. It probably makes sense that the people behind Robot Chicken made it, because I don’t understand that show either. I guess this is getting old. But I only imagine us old fogies who actually grew up with Star Wars and are Star Wars nerds have no interest in this. Or maybe it’s just me who is out of touch.

What do you think?

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