Cinecast Episode 270 – It’s a Big Shit Sandwich and We are All Going to Have to Take a Bite

Seems we actually have more to talk about in the in-house section of the show than we do actual film presentations. Between busy schedules, review embargoes and waiting for common releases, the boys don’t have much to say on the new release front. But we do have a good chunk of things to go over with a fairly extensive Watch List that includes everything from pre-20th century magic to the 80s cold war from both the point of view of the Americans, Russians and East Germans. War seems to be a prevalent theme throughout the show as we talk about Kubrick’s take on the experience of Vietnam, a fantastic account of high school kids attempting to defeat a fascist invasion and good old fashioned, 80s shoot-em-ups. Rounding it all off is discussion on what is easily the best foreign film of 2006 and a healthy dose of John Carpenter. Also, River Phoenix is making a new movie apparently.

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– TIFF scheduling
– Congratulations Jandy!!
– Help the Flyway Film Festival
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– Other new site developments (social media, edit comments, images in comments)
– The death of Tony Scott


They Live
Full Metal Jacket

Red Dawn
Red Planet
The Expendables
The Prestige
The Lives of Others

River Phoenix’ last film
Tony Scott’s BMW commercial:

Killer Joe
Premium Rush(?)
Hit and Run(?)

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Sean Kelly

I watched THEY LIVE a few days ago to prepare for John Carpenter’s appearance this weekend at Fan Expo in Toronto. Wasn’t too sure what to think of it on this first viewing – some parts I liked, others I didn’t.


Thanks Sean, this is exactly the sort of reaction I’d expect to get from watching this film on a first-time-watch, particularly in 2012, for the first time. It is really delightful how much the film grows on you with repeat viewings.

Sean Patrick Kelly

Speaking of John Carpenter at Fan Expo….

Jandy Hardesty

Thanks for the shout-out, guys! I don’t intend to stop posting or being involved at all, by any means, but yeah, it’ll probably stay kinda slow from me for a while. Kurt, we already did the panic stage when we first found out. Still wells up now and again, though, so I’ll try to keep your advice in mind! 🙂

Andrew, section four of the MorePop “board” should be video games. Books could go up any time, as far as I’m concerned. I just finished the new Neal Stephenson and I’m starting in on Cloud Atlas and The Dark Tower (book two) at the same time. I have apparently recovered my reading mojo that’s been largely MIA since grad school. Or I’m just too tired to do anything else, which is a strong possibility. :p

Kurt Halfyard

Yay, BOOKS! This is a good opportunity before the baby-arrives.


Video games is a good call (though I’m no gamer). I was surprised to see these other sections appear, considering how the Film Junk Forum was put to death recently. The only really popular part of that was the ‘What I watched’ board, which I think could also be useful on here?

Congratulations, Jandy, by the way.

(I’m with Kurt, re: Red Dawn. Always did think it was a foul piece of work)

David Brook

Congrats Jandy! And yes, I’m keen on books going up and would be happy to see video games too. I’ve started Cloud Atlas too so we’ll have to compare thoughts. So far I’m intrigued but I’m not quite sure how all the individual mini stories are going to fit together beyond a few little superfluous links that have come up.