Mamo #266: Where’s the Beefcake?

We mourn the passing of Tony Scott and try to track his influence on the world of film, while pondering the return of ’80s beefcake with The Expendables and its brethren. Plus, the latest and greatest wrinkles in the TIFF ticket ordering process.

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Sean Patrick Kelly

See Expendables 2. At the very least you’ll have fun watching the opening and climatic gunfights.

Matthew Fabb

Have fun in Iceland Mr. Brown. I’m heading for a vacation to Iceland myself later this week. Which means I won’t be around when single tickets go on sale for TIFF and so this year my fate is in the hands of a friend of mine who will be ordering tickets for me. I really hope he is able to get me a ticket to Joss Whedon’s Much Ado About Nothing, preferably the premiere, but will take any screening of that movie.

Also this year is the first year I bought a TIFF ticket package getting 5 tickets as part of the Back Half. I knew I would get to choose my tickets after those with other packages had gotten their picks. However, I’m disappointed to find out ticket selection is AFTER single tickets sales. This wasn’t clear at all to me when buying the package and I likely wouldn’t have bought it if I knew that it was the case. The TIFF website has improved, but they could do a LOT more.


I am doing the back half pass as well and found it a little odd that I have to select my films a day after single tickets go on sale. I don’t mind waiting to after all the other packages and members make their choices, but waiting after the average Joe gets his tickets is a bit much.

However, what is even more shocking is that those who spent over $200 on a Daytime pass (i.e. seniors) are in the same boat as well. Despite selling out every year, it is clear that TIFF has been trying to phase out the Daytime pass. The problem is they are going about it all wrong by continually screwing over those who buy the pass (e.g. reducing the number of daytime screenings, adding “premium” only daytime screenings a few years back, making them wait last to select films, etc.). Either eliminate the pass all together, or allow the Daytime pass holders a chance to select their films before the general public.

Matthew Fabb

This link to TIFF dates shouldn’t have been buried in their navigation, or perhaps linked off their FAQ:

I don’t mind if that is what they want to do, I just wish that had been clear ahead of time. I think I’ll stick with single tickets in the future.

Christopher M

I don’t get all the Expendables love, I’ve watched both films and just seems like lazy movie making at it’s finest. Both films seem like they were directed by Adam Mckay and all the lines were made up on the spot with no script. And the only difference is Mckay has smart comedians thinking of lines whereas the Expendables have washedup dumb action stars coming up with lines.