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We’ve tried every way we can think of for a place in which people can talk about TV shows, music and even books or sports within the confines of RowThree. We had a separate blog with guest writers for a time. It died a slow and horrible death. Then we tried a little chat bar at the bottom of the page and everyone seemed confused and no one was ever on at the same time. Within about a week we realized that wasn’t working at all and had to remove it. So then we just went with something as simple as an occasional post on a random topic that we felt was warranted. This is fine but we still found that random post comment sections were still getting “hijacked” with comments on the Olympics or comic books or concert venues. Hey, we love the enthusiasm, but we want someplace for you guys to be able to do this that doesn’t require you to guess where to post your thoughts or just pick a random spot to do so.

Why don’t you just implement a forum?, you might ask. Well long story short, we just don’t want to.

But we think (and hope) that we have finally found the solution to our MorePop struggle. We’re introducing “Outside the Realm.” These are posts having to do with Music and Television that are fairly specific. You can browse a list of posts until you find the topic you want to talk about and leave your thoughts in the comment section and hopefully get a conversation started. Outside of the realm can be found by clicking either of the two links at the very top of your screen marked “Music” and “Television.” Once there, this will make a lot more sense.

Here’s why we like this idea and hope it will succeed:

1) There is a wide variety of topics covered and there should be something for everyone within the broader context of music and television. If what you want isn’t there, the beauty is that there is a place for your suggestions and we can add more topics quickly and easily.

2) All of this is done within the confines of Row Three. No outside blog, no silly forum, no random post that we hope will catch your eye. It’s all right here and it’s always here. Which leads to the best thing about it.

3) Any comments left in these special topics will show up in the recent comments section of the side bar to the right side of your screen. That means it’s easy to follow what others are talking about and see if someone has responded to your thoughts, comments or questions.

So for now, you can sort of consider this the beta testing mode. If this works out and seems to be somewhat popular, we’ll think about adding more topics in time – such as sports, books, games and maybe some other ideas we’ve got brewing.

So fans of the small screen can start talking about their favorite Television shows RIGHT NOW
And lovers of the aural note can get grooving on about Musical Artists and their Tunes RIGHT NOW

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David Brook

The little ‘music’ link at the top of the page doesn’t work for me. Thought I’d let you know.

Andrew James

It works, you just have to “find” it. The actually spot to click is really small and I have no idea why. I”m trying to get it fixed – probably on Monday.

Jandy Hardesty

The link issue should be fixed now.


“It died a slow and horrible death.”

Indeed. It was fun while it lasted though. I’m looking forward to getting back into the conversations we had over there.