For the Love of the Game… 10 Best Films of All Time

Over at The Matinee, Ryan McNeil’s awesome (bi-weekly?) film podcast is sometimes broken up by a little bit more of an off-the-cuff discussion related to film news, older films and/or any other cinema-related topic. These discussions almost always take place over a wire or with some other small town blogger folk from Toronto, Canada. Not this time.

On a summer baseball tour, Ryan ventured just a little too close to Minneapolis (Milwaukee) that I couldn’t help but insinuate myself into not only a baseball game (aaaah Baseball), but also in on this podcasting venture known as “In Between Days.” For this episode, not just any topic would do; no-siree. We tackled (and answered definitively 😉 the question pondered for decades by scholars and genius’ alike, time and again: what are the ten best films of all time. Well, Ryan and I came up with twenty.

In all seriousness, the question of course is ludicrous, but we had fun trying anyway and hopefully the discussion will be fun for listeners as well – mostly so they/you can get red in the face with some of our declarations and leave your own choices and thoughts as to what constitutes a “best” film of all time. Comments are turned off here, but to take a listen to the show and join in on the argument, head over to and grab the download at your leisure (also available on iTunes). Thanks for listening and enjoy the show!

NOTE: Comments for this post have been turned off. For further discussion on this, join in at the original post.