Friday One Sheet (Fantasia Edition): Pontypool Changes

Featuring more birds and ears than David Lynch’s Blue Velvet, but also exploring the horrors in ‘normal’ rural areas, this wonderful teaser-poster for the Pontypool Sequel appearing both at the Fantasia Development Market this week as well as the poster show at La Cinémathèque Québécoise as a part of the alternate history poster exhibit “It They Came From Within”

Furthermore, there is nobody on this planet more excited about the prospect of this happening, the long promised sequel to Bruce McDonald’s wonderful semiotic zombie film very loosely taken from Tony Burgess’s exceptional novel “Pontypool Changes Everything.” As the sequels (hopefully) get made they will slowly build the title of the novel from which the loosely joined stories (the book is kind of the Robert Altman Short Cuts of zombie novels) are extracted.

If you look at the bottom and you have seen the first film, you see one of the best taglines in some time.

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Aw man that IS exciting! Somehow I didn’t know there would be sequels, but I love love love the first one!

Andrew James

Alex, this probably isn’t the right forum, but your posters are awesome. I love the one for CLUELESS.


Thanks, Andrew! CLUELESS is one of my favorite movies so I was pretty happy about that poster too.


Hadn’t heard anything about a Pontypool sequel before seeing this but yes, definitely be interested to see how they take it on. Did love the first one.