Life of Pi [trailer]


Holy smokes, a glow-in-the-dark whale just ate the camera! While we’re on the subject of gorgeous fantasy today, check out Ang Lee’s newest epic below with this shiny new trailer. A story about a kid being lost at sea alongside a Bengal Tiger. While I don’t know much about the cast at this point, I am intrigued by the much lauded story line (based on a best selling novel by Yann Martel) here and Oscar-winning director Ang Lee is no stranger to spiritualistic and aesthetically pleasing film making and this looks like this is probably be his most ambitious film yet in terms of visuals. Gorgeous!

One potential hiccup with this is that it’s yet another example of a famed director taking the leap into the third dimension. I wasn’t impressed with Scorsese’s attempt, but on the other hand Ridley Scott used the technology quite well with Prometheus, so here’s hoping Ang Lee is smart with the “new fad.”

Take a look at the trailer below. What do you think?

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From what I gathered, Yann Martel thinks he is the second coming of Christ.

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I’ll be honest, I hated the book. I felt it was, for lack of a better description, “Girly as f*ck”… sorry!


I had the same problems with Life of Pi that I did with The Alchemist. It’s a bit heavy-handed, thematically simple, and obvious. The story thought it was far more clever than it really was, in my opinion.