Talking Lars Von Trier on The Director’s Club Podcast

With the Cinecast on break for this week, you can get a bit of your Rowthree podcasting fix by heading over to The Director’s Club Podcast where yours truly sat in to talk with Jim Laczkowski and Matt Marko about all things Lars Von Trier. The focus is mainly on his stylistic Europa (aka Zentropa) and his spiritual masterpiece, Breaking The Waves, but the entire gamut, from feature films, TV projects and screenplays are covered. Also, an extended conversation on how not to watch Spielberg’s E.T., some chat about Aaron Sorkin’s The Newsroom, and a little more love for Oliver Stone’s Savages.

The Director’s Club Podcast: Episode 38

Kurt Halfyard
Resident culture snob.


  1. I heard about your experience with ET on the auto-motion-plus television. Those things need to all be burned in a giant vortex of green flame.

    If movies in theaters start to look like that, you can count me out of movies forever. I’m worried that’s what Cameron’s bullshit is going to look like.

    I watched Desperado one time with that feature on and it looked like a BBC soap opera from the early 80’s.

    • Yeah, I’ve seen parts of movies in Best Buy and over a friend’s house – it is absolutely awful. I saw part of the Wrestler and it looked like a high school production.

        • You can turn it off, but a lot of people don’t know that and my biggest frustration comes from the people at Best Buy who claim customers love this shit. The TV ships with the auto-motion-plus defaulted to the “on” position.

          It drives me crazy!

          • Yep, a lot of people have no idea that it can be changed. Its funny how adverse people are to reading the instruction manual, even on the internet.

    • Oh my god, THANK YOU. Thank you so much. I try to explain this to people, I say “It looks like a pretty home movie” or “Ever watch BBC soap operas” or “it really takes me out of it” and they look at me like I’m crazy. They just think it looks awesome.

      I. Fucking. Hate. It.

      It needs to go away and never come back.

      • Yeah Jonathan totally. Only thing worse that this sort of TV are the people who don’t see what you’re talking about or actually enjoy it.


        I will say this: for live sports, it actually works pretty well. Football games are sharper and easier to follow the action. Otherwise, to hell with this “technology”.

      • This discussion is so timely! We just invested in a new LCD LED Panasonic TV and upon viewing a DVD last night I found the ‘soap opera effect’ extremely unsettling. I had no idea what was going on. I have since done further research on the interwebs, found out that I needed to change the video resolution on the BluRay to 1080i and all is much better! Thanks for bringing this up to an electronics nob such as myself.

        I agree – make this ‘soap opera’ feature disappear!

      • I’d never heard of this until now, but upon googling, sounds like it basically adds frames to make stuff shot in 24fps have 30fps. So it takes film and makes it look like video. No thanks.

      • Not sure how Mr. Von Trier, one of the pioneers of the ‘no-frills’ Dogme movement, would feel about a comments board on his work turning into a discussion about new TV technology, but there you go 🙂

  2. Shucks, thanks for reposting this here! Got a nice email about the episode already too. Thanks for being such an articulate LVT fan, sir. And be sure to listen to the very end for the funniest moment of the show, courtesy of Kurt.


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