Countdown to The Dark Knight Rises: Retro Cinecast (Ranking Christopher Nolan)



Since we’re all in Batman mode this week, I thought it might be fun to dig up an old discussion we had on the Cinecast a couple of years ago after Inception had just been released. The usual podcast guys are here along with special guest, Bob Turnbull, in which we each individually rank all of Christopher Nolan’s films from worst to best. There is quite a discrepancy with a couple of titles and so the gang does their best to sort it out over the course of about 40 minutes. And we yell at each other. It’s great.

Christopher Nolan

This is a lengthy “snippet” from a much longer show that included a full spoiler review of Inception and Mr. Nobody as well as some other reviews and DVD discussions. But you can listen to just the Christopher Nolan stuff right here:

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Robert Reineke

I’m with Matt on The Prestige. Let me preface it by mentioning that I’m an identical twin, and I find the idea that Tesla could create a quantum duplicating device more believable than the use of twins in the film. It’s a fantasy conception of twins and completely unworkable for more than the briefest moment. It exists for the sake of the final twist, more than to say anything about the characters.

Matt Gamble