Mike and Sully in College [Monsters University Trailer]

So off the top of my head I can’t think of too many, but I know the “look back at our heroes when they were younger” motif has certainly had its fair share of stinkers (Dumb and Dumberer springs to mind). With Cars 2 easily taking the cake for worst Pixar idea ever, I’m a little skeptical on the idea of an attempt at seeing the leads from my favorite Pixar film to date making a triumphant return as “old college buddies.”

On top of this, the director is someone I’ve never heard of nor have I seen any of his previous work. Dan Scanlon has been involced in two things (according to IMDb): a very very low budget film entitled Tracy and a direct-to-DVD short starrring Larry the Cable Guy (aka Mater). Skepticism thickens.

That said, at least it doesn’t appear to be going for lowest common denominator distributing. It’s got Billy Crystal and John Goodman back in the lead roles and apparently is bringing back other characters we love too (Steve Buscemi, John Ratzenberger [of course]). With the additional voice talent of Joel Murray, Kelsey Grammer, Frank Oz, Dave Foley and Julia Sweeney, I think this has the potential to be a lot of fun.

Surprisingly, even with Brave in full marketing tilt right now, the kids at Pixar have already put together a bit of a teaser for what we can expect at the Monsters University. The trailer doesn’t give us much in terms of plot, but it’s got some decent humor in there and it gives us a feel for the vibe of the film. I only hope it’s half as creative and clever as the first film was. Here’s a first look at what we can expect from yet another Pixar sequel… er, prequel:

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Kurt Halfyard

Theatrical release or DVT Cheapquel for this one?

I think this idea is absolutely INANE.