Mamo #251: On Ebertfest, Part Two

Live from the Aroma Cafe in Champaign, IL, we continue to recap Ebertfest as it happens. Today we discuss the beautiful film Terri, a terrific program of shorts accompanied by the Alloy orchestra, and our thoughts on a panel about VOD vs. the future of theatrical moviegoing.

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Sean Patrick Kelly

I have to say that I’m much less cynical about the state of cinema. I agree that it’ll probably get harder to see movies outside of cities (and ticket prices will continue to rise), but I don’t think it will outright die.


I saw Lawrence of Arabia on a tiny screen and loved it!
Based on this podcast, I have added Joe Versus the Volcano and Kinyarwanda to my “want to see” list.

Matthew Fabb

Allowing people to text in movies, I think is a bloody horrible idea. I don’t think giving them the back rows would never work, as people in general have different preferences where they would like to sit. Once theatres allow it ANYWHERE, it will likely increase in happening as people will think that gives them license. Once again, when theatres don’t care and enforce these rules what is stopping people from doing from whatever they want. Also I don’t think it’s the majority of teenagers who like to text during movies. I do think this is still a minority and you are likely to piss off more of the audience than attract a larger audience. Just because teenagers in general like to text a lot, doesn’t mean they all want to text during a movie.