Saturday Morning Toons

I‘ll state right off the bat that I haven’t actually watched this cartoon yet, except for the first several seconds to check quality and sound and that sort of thing on the YouTube upload. I will be watching it in full later today as part of a special program of 3D shorts put on at the TCM Film Festival (I’ll have a full write-up on the program at some point; it includes both live-action and animated 3D experiments from the 1930s through the 1950s, as well as a few outliers), and I’d rather save my first full viewing of it for that. Even from the opening credits, though, you can see it was intended for 3D, especially with the way the title swoops off the screen toward the audience. Melody is the first in a short-lived series of Disney cartoons titled “Adventures in Music” – in fact, there was only one other cartoon made in the series, and it’s the arguably better-known Toot Whistle Plunk and Boom (which I have seen many times; hence my totally ego-centric claim it’s better known). Both cartoons star an owl who teaches a group of young students about music and musical instruments. I’m looking forward to seeing Melody very much, especially as it’s extremely rare to see it in the original 3D. As a side-note, I’m amused at myself for being so intrigued by these old-school 3D presentations, yet I’ll go far out of my way to see 2D presentations of current 3D films. I don’t understand it either.

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Just got out of the 3D program I mentioned, and they didn’t end up playing this one after all. So I’ll have to watch it myself later from YouTube…in 2D. Interestingly enough, they did play Working for Peanuts, the Chip n Dale toon I posted a few weeks ago. Lots of interesting stuff.