TIFF KIDS Preview (with Son of Mamo!)

Hey Toronto! Formerly Sprockets, but re-dubbed TIFF KIDS, the film festival for children is starting up April 10th and going until April 22nd. Mamo! Matt Brown and Son of Mamo! Max Price give The Substream the lowdown on what to go see: Child Werewolves, Haunted Bubbles, Chimpanzees, Bands of Misfit Pirates and an interactive Funky Forest (no, not the Ishii film) are part of the spread that they lay out before you in the below video; a cinematic picnic if you will.

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Matthew Price

Our early pick – Le Tableau. Saw this last night and it was amazing. Haven’t seen a 2d/3d animated film I enjoyed as much since The Iron Giant. Make sure you check it out.