1. Andrew James says:

    Titanic is awesome. I would LOVE to see it again on the big screen. If I can find it NOT in 3D I’m all over it. But I guess that’s the point, so it probably won’t even exist.

    Billy Zane in this is in my top 5 villains of all time.

  2. David Brook says:

    The 3D version is actually pretty good though. I thought the conversion job was fantastic. If you look very very carefully you’ll spot a flaw or two, but on the whole they’ve done an amazing job of it. I’m not all that fussed about 3D and certainly don’t wish to see it become the norm, but for visually spectacular event movies like this the extra bit of spectacle (no pun intended) works for me.

  3. Marina Antunes says:

    I couldn’t handle Titanic again. Twice was once too many.

    But I LOVE Winslet (she’s always gorgeous but she looks amazing in it) and the set/costume design but not enough to see it again. Ever.

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