Row Three Mobile App

For those of you with smart phones, you can now sit in the third row pretty much anywhere you go with the brand new updated (and pretty spiffy) RowThree Mobile App. The app is available on all of the major platforms: Android, Apple (both iPhones and iPads), Windows phones, Bada and Blackberry. [absolutely FREE]!

– Instant streaming of all three podcasts hosted on R3 (Cinecast, Mamo!, After the Credits)
– Up to date postings of all content at RowThree (news, trailers, op/ed, DVD listings, film festivals, etc.)
– Reviews of all the latest movies and DVDs we can get our hands on
– Keep up on the conversation with all of the most recent commentary from readers and contributors
– Track our Twitter and Facebook and even add us to your like/follow feed
– all of this and a few other goodies

Download instructions:

1) If you’re an ANDROID user, download through the Google Play store:

~ OR ~

1) Point your browser to the download page: (
2) Enter your email address. We’ll send you a unique URL code via email.
3) Open your email with your mobile device and click on your unique URL and the download should be begin within seconds
4) Install the download and you’re ready to go!

~ OR ~

1) If you have a bar code scanner on your device just scan the image below and you’ll be prompted to download the app:

It may not be the snazziest of movie related apps out there, but it’s certainly a worthy addition to your app library and fans of RowThree will likely get some use out of the very clean controls, the smoothness of its functionality and easy to navigate interface.

If you are experiencing any glitches/problems, PLEASE let us know so we can fix it or implement these new ideas to keep things fresh. And heck, if you have any ideas for features or suggestions on how we can improve the app or keep things fresh, by all means let us know via email or drop your thoughts in the comment section below. In fact, you can contact us directly through the app controls!

On a final note, this app is made possible partly from readers and listeners and their generous contributions. We really appreciate all you guys and gals and here’s hoping this application will further your enjoyment of the site. Cheers!

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