1. Robert Reineke says:

    That Serenity/Prometheus comparison shows exactly why Ridley Scott is a fantastic visual director and Joss Whedon a mediocre one. Just look at how dramatic and moody the Prometheus shot is compared to the flat Serenity shot.

    • Andrew James says:

      I don’t necessarily disagree with you. But in this case it’s hard to tell since the Prometheus is taken from a stunning shot out of a trailer that is designed to just be awesome shots. the one of The Serenity is one shot out of hundreds on a fairly low budget television show. It was simply the best one I could find that illustrated the similarities.

      • Robert Reineke says:

        Absolutely understand. And I think it’s more a question of the designs making practical sense than anything else, like the Osprey aircraft. It’s been awhile, but perhaps we should look at the landing craft from Alien as another comparison.

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