Game of Thrones + Vancity Theatre + Free = WIN

Own the Throne

Winter is coming. We’ve heard this quite a bit over the last few months and with the release of “Game of Thrones” on DVD and Blu-ray earlier this week and the premiere of season two only a few weeks away (clear your calendar for April 1st), winter isn’t slowly creeping on us but coming at full speed and in full force.

So while some of us power through book two and try to squeeze out time to re-watch season one, the Vancity Theatre has taken it upon themselves to up the ante. On Friday, March 23th, the theatre will open it’s doors at 8AM and for the next 10 hours, will set about screening the entire first season with the season finale airing at 6PM. All of this, at zero cost.

If having the opportunity to check out the show on the big screen for free isn’t enough, the day will have some additional bonuses like contests, photo opportunities with the Iron Throne (eek!) and costumed characters from the show. Seriously. Double win!

More details on the event’s Facebook page and at Movie Central.

I am serisouly considering taking the day off.

Marina Antunes
Fassbender for life.