Disney’s The Lone Ranger

This image landed online, once again featuring Johnny Depp in major make-up mugging for the camera. That handsome fellow in the black domino mask is the man behind the Winklevoss twins (Armie Hammer) and J. Edgar’s gay lover. Disney has been trying with mixed success to get this off the ground since early 2008 (or perhaps longer…) and have announced delays, cancellations and re-starts in that time. Producer Jerry Bruckheimer and (Academy Award Winning) director Gore Verbinski are behind the camera. Also, noteworthy is that this marks Depp’s fifth collaboration with his Pirates of the Caribbean and Rango director.

The first image and the May/June 2013 release date confirm that a Big budget The Lone Ranger is on his way with a super-star Tonto. Are you in love with this property? Happy with that image? Looking forward to another Johnny Depp with dredds character?

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Jandy Hardesty

If it’s like PotC (the first one) and Rango, I’m in. If it’s like PotC (any of the others), I’m not. I guess I’ll have to wait for reviews to find that out.


If it was anyone else directing this besides Verbinski, I’d probably pass. But since he’s in ill be there opening weekend.

Sean Patrick Kelly

One thing that has always bugged me about Johnny Depp playing Tonto is that he is a white man playing a Native American character (though Depp claims to have Native ancestry).

I’m just waiting for the inevitable backlash by the First Nations community.

Matthew Fabb

A quick google search shows that apparently Depp’s great-grandmother was Native American. But will that be enough to stop any backlash?

As for the adaption itself, I don’t have any deep connection to the property. However, no matter which way it goes, will Disney be able to market it properly? Because they seemed to have really dropped the ball when it comes to John Carter.

Matthew Price

I’m all for non traditional casting, especially when it’s used well (Idris Elba in Thor, anyone?). I’m more concerned that the tone of this will hew closer to Rango. That’s a film I quite enjoyed, but its entire intent is antithetical to a hero property like The Lone Ranger. This looks like it’s going to take a page from “Without a Clue”, and while I liked and enjoyed that movie, it’s not a patch on either of the current Sherlock Holmes properties. And unlike “clue” this isn’t playing against an established and formidable existing body of work. There’s only been 1 Ranger property in the last 50 years or so. There’s an enormous wealth of strong material to explore here (read the IDW comic if you’d like to see my preferred take on things) and it’d be a shame if that was sacrificed to a joke fest that thinks this has nothing relevant to say to us.

Matt Brown

What he said.



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