Mamo #242: It’s a Wonderful Night for Mamo

Our somewhat live Oscar podcast, 2012! We recorded our thoughts in staccato bursts throughout Billy Crystal’s triumphantly comfortable return to the microphone to preside over the Kodak Theatre Battle 2012, The Artist vs. Hugo. Now all eleven segments are joined together a single downloadable episode, for your nostalgic pleasure. Remember, kids, going to the movies is great.

To download this episode, use this URL:

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Sean Patrick Kelly

I actually managed to listen to the different segments during the commercial breaks last night ( was one of like 10 tabs I had open during the ceremony).

I definitely enjoyed how the reactions got more and more shocked as the show went on (I also enjoyed the Mike the Greek commentary).


Is 3D a special effect? Maybe that is why Hugo on the award.

Sean Patrick Kelly

Yes and No.

I’m sure there’s manipulation done in post-production, but for the most part (if a film is shot in 3D) the 3D imagery is created through stereoscopic cinematography (which could be why HUGO won the cinematography award).