1. Kurt Halfyard says:

    I’m completely keen on seeing John Carter of Mars. I hope its a case of failure to know how to sell the film rather than trying to salvage a dud. Initial word from the nerd crowd in L.A. is pretty good.

    • Marina Antunes says:

      Yeah, I’ve been keeping my eye out on reactions and they’ve all been pretty positive so far. Everyone seems to be in agreement that the film has problems but that it overcomes them. I can’t wait!

      • Kurt Halfyard says:

        Taking the boy to see this on as large a screen possible when it comes out.

        • Marina Antunes says:

          I wish my dad would have taken me to see something this cool when I was little. The first and last movie I remember seeing with my parents was Gone with the Wind.

  2. Robert Reineke says:

    I’ve The Raid right at the top of my radar for March.

    The Hunger Games is going to be huge. I’ve little to no interest, but everything points to this being the next big franchise. Good for Jennifer Lawrence.

  3. Kurt Halfyard says:

    The Raid is REALLY, REALLY, GOOD, a truly excellent action film.

    (p.s., it’s absolutely NOTHING like Attack The Block)

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