Friday One Sheet: John Carter … OF MARS!

Hey, we actually get some good marketing out of the long-in-gestation Edgar Rice Burrough’s adaptation of John Carter of Mars! Rejoice! That is a handsome and evocative one sheet.

But not to celebrate too soon. There is the matter of: Please Disney, bring back of the “Of Mars” to the title, because, you know, it kinda matters to letting a modern audience know where the things are happening. Just John Carter sounds like the sequel to Jerry Maguire.

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All the movie bloggers that were at the Disney screening of this were extremely positive about the movie. So there’s still hope that we will get a good movie.

Jericho Slim

Interesting article this week on the daily beast about John Carter of Mars and how it will probably be a financial disaster for Disney. It also briefly discusses the name change.


I also saw an interview with Stanton where he talks about the name change. And I agree – I think it’ll make some money but will be a disappointment for the Disney people.

Had never read the book before so giving it a go. Liking it much more than I anticipated.

Robert Reineke

The name change signals a lack of confidence in the basic concept of the movie.

Otherwise, I expect Stanton to deliver visually and Taylor Kitsch not to deliver much at all.