Criterion Valentine Sale [50% off everything!]


Starting at noon EST today, February 14, all in-stock Blu-rays and DVDs will be 50% off the suggested retail price (SRP). Just enter the promotional code SWAK on your shopping cart page at to apply the discount.

See you in the poor house.


  1. I’ve been meaning to finally kickstart my Criterion collection for a while now, so this will be a good opportunity to start (I’ve been holding out, since I’ve been trying to watch how much money I spend on DVDs).

  2. Rick Vance

    I thought I only had to worry about one Criterion sale a year, oh well there goes a chunk of this paycheck.

  3. Jericho Slim

    So happy and so sad at the same time. Does anyone want to give their top 5 or so recommendations?

    • I won’t give recommendations, but I’m going to be picking up…
      Dazed and Confused, Traffic, 12 Angry Men and either Summer Hours or White Material.

      I think I’m finally going to pick up a t-shirt as well.

  4. @Jericho Can’t go wrong with John Lurie’s recommendations:

  5. Rick Vance

    Awww damn I didn’t realize the Free shipping was only for US orders. Hmmmmm may have to reconsider due to Canadian shipping bullshit.

  6. I thought I might make it past this sale without lightening my wallet, but then you had the Belle de jour picture in there and it reminded me that I haven’t picked up Repulsion yet. *sigh* I also really want Anatomy of a Murder, but sadly that one’s not out until NEXT week. :(

  7. Boy, the Criterion servers seem really overloaded with this sale. Good thing I’m only ordering 1 disc.

  8. Rick Vance

    Yeah that was a massive pain in the ass but got my movies ordered at the end of it. I got 6 because I just put some money aside for sales like this, and so I don’t get murdered on individual shipping.

    I got, 8 1/2, Tokyo Drifter, Le Cercle Rouge, Le Samourai, Carlos(this is purely on your review Andrew) & Rushmore

  9. Looks like the Criterion site is taking a real beating.

    Hope you like Carlos Rick.

    I may forego all the movies and get the Robinson Crusoe artwork poster. It’s $125 regular price. Half off would be a steal.

    • Jericho Slim

      half off is only on blu-rays and dvds.

      It took me 30 minutes, but I was able to get 7. Only 3 were blind – Black Orpheus, Kiss Me Deadly, and The Lady Vanishes.

  10. Holy shit this is a pain in the ass!
    …but worth it.

    /first world problems

  11. Ok – took me about an hour. That was ridiculous. Changed up my order a bit and bought two blinds and a must own for completionist sake:

    Paris, Texas
    Something Wild
    and Rushmore

  12. Site was a goddamned mess, this was worse than ordering TIFF tickets on the first day. (SNAP!)

    Anyways, after 95 minutes of effort my girlfriend and I got each other Godzilla, If…, and The Complete Monterey Pop. BECAUSE OF LOVE.

  13. would like The Great Dictator and God Created Woman, but I am not going to fight with their site for them.

  14. I just placed my order with little trouble. I probably spent about 30 minutes but that was mainly because I had difficulty narrowing down my list to keep within my DVD budget.
    In the end my choices were:
    “The Royal Tenenbaums” and “Topsy-Turvey” (on my wish list for a long time),
    “Charade” (blind buy),
    “Modern Times” (because the family loves Chaplin).

    • Charade is pretty great. Better than that 90s(?) remake with Wahlberg and Newton. Yikes!

      • I bought Charade during the last Barnes & Noble Criterion sale. DEFINITELY worth it. It’s a fantastic movie, and the transfer is really solid – much better-looking than I’d ever seen the film before.

      • I am glad to hear as I waffled about that purchase. But then again, how can one go wrong with suspense and romance with Grant and Hepburn in Paris!
        I was unaware that there was a remake.

  15. It looks like the site slowdown was so bad that Criterion is planning to send out another code for titles that went out of stock today.

  16. Jericho Slim

    check your e-mail. Criterion code of REDO to order out of stock items until tomorrow at 5 pm. PB & J until next payday!

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