Help Build a Time Machine!

Jay Cheel from the documentary blog and director of Genie Nominated Beauty Day is gearing up to complete his next full length feature documentary, How to Build a Time Machine. As Jay puts it,

HOW TO BUILD A TIME MACHINE will be a genre-bending, true life sci fi mystery that will tell John Titor’s story through interviews with the incredible web of people who were drawn into it, and through a recreation of his journey … As a lover of film and filmmaking, I attempt to make movies that would excite me as a fan. I want to tell this story in the most cinematic, engaging, and entertaining fashion possible.

But to get this all done they need YOUR help to film cinematic recreations of John’s mission to 1975 based on his original Internet posts. To accomplish this, they will need money to help cover the costs of costumes, props, locations, and actors. With your help, they’re hoping to reach $25,000, which will enable Jay to create a great experience for you, the audience.

Please head over to Doc Ignite and help Jay out with a couple thousand dollars. Or ten. Whatever you’ve got to spare. Don’t do it for Jay, don’t do it for the love of independent film making. Do it for me so I can see thing as soon as possible!

If I don’t convince you, let the film do the talking…


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Jandy Hardesty

This looks really awesome. Although, I kinda want to see the rest of the version with Reed. 🙂


Reed makes everything better. He needs to have a major part!


So you’re telling us if you get enough donations, Reed will star in the film? I don’t know about anyone else, but that’s okay with me.

Bet Tor

It similar with Back to The Future ?? Cool