Machete Kills

I know that Robert Rodriguez works fast as a filmmaker and all, but doing some quick arithmetic says this: Danny Trejo’s current age of almost 68 years old – the tall tattooed Mexican is almost 70 and you have two films to go through pre-production! So, yea, you better get on the promised sequels to the Grindhouse trailer-turned-feature, Machete, fast, Mr. Rodriguez. Of course, Trejo still manages to crack out about 10 films appearances per year, despite his age, so there is that – and even in the first film, it seemed Machete was almost supporting character in a huge ensemble.

Machete Kills! is currently in pre-production. No word if Machete Kills Again! will be happening.

Oh, and given that these films came from Planet Terror (in a way), is it too much to ask for a Zombie Seagal (post Hara-Kiri guts hanging out and all to appear in one of the sequels

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Sean Patrick Kelly

I remember Tom Savini saying during his Fan Expo Q&A that his bounty hunter character Osiris Amanpour will be returning for the sequel (which is part of the reason why a death scene for the character – seen on the DVD features – was cut from the film).


Is Trejo really 68? I thought he was somewhere in his 50’s. He’s looked the same for the past 20 years or so, so I’ve never thought much about his age.

Machete was fun, so this could end up entertaining, but probably only if Rodriguez tries something different this time around – not just Machete 2. Like you mention, Kurt, zombies could be interesting. The third one is actually titled Machete Kills Again … In Space! so if that one takes him to the final frontier, this one will probably also go balls out.

Sean Patrick Kelly

There’s already a poster for it –