Machete Kills

I know that Robert Rodriguez works fast as a filmmaker and all, but doing some quick arithmetic says this: Danny Trejo’s current age of almost 68 years old – the tall tattooed Mexican is almost 70 and you have two films to go through pre-production! So, yea, you better get on the promised sequels to the Grindhouse trailer-turned-feature, Machete, fast, Mr. Rodriguez. Of course, Trejo still manages to crack out about 10 films appearances per year, despite his age, so there is that – and even in the first film, it seemed Machete was almost supporting character in a huge ensemble.

Machete Kills! is currently in pre-production. No word if Machete Kills Again! will be happening.

Oh, and given that these films came from Planet Terror (in a way), is it too much to ask for a Zombie Seagal (post Hara-Kiri guts hanging out and all to appear in one of the sequels

Kurt Halfyard
Resident culture snob.