Mondays Suck Less in the Third Row


I admit I’m biased (but I love this!):



Shooting the MGM Opening Logo:



Hey, if you’re gonna plagiarize someone, you could do a lot worse than Michael Douglas:



Potentially NSFW (mild):
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DoubleStar Corp. Zombie-X AK with Chain Saw:



Fan of R.E.M.? Ingrid Michaelson Covers “Nightswimming” in her own unique way:



Some Pretty Awesome Graffiti:



Filming Godzilla:



Other fun links:
Oscar Nominated Film Posters (if they were honest)
Minimalist Heroes and Villains posters
Worst Stadium Seats in the World

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Jandy Hardesty

Those honest Oscar-nominated posters are great! And the Hugo one reminded me…what genre would you actually call Hugo? I found myself wanting to call it fantasy, even though nothing actually fantastical happens. It just has that aura of heightened reality to it that makes it seem like fantasy. But it’s not quite drama, not quite comedy, and I resist “family” being a genre.

Also, in that top image? The Apple logo is saying “if you strike me down, I will become more powerful than you could ever imagine.” 🙂

Kurt Halfyard

While I’ll not seriously argue against the analogy of Apple as a Top-Down, vertically integrated, shiny-designed EMPIRE… Viewing Google as the Rebel Alliance (or worse, The Jedi Order) is a complete fallacy.

Furthermore, where does RIM/blackberry factor into this, as the Ewoks or the ineffectual Galactic Senate??

Jandy Hardesty

Well, my version would put Apple as a Jedi and Android as a Sith lord. Which of course can’t be accurate even to the photo, since the Android is using a green lightsabre. But anyway.

Maybe Blackberrys are the Old Republic, which has now faded almost into oblivion?

Kurt Halfyard

Stop being apple Drones, and be completely on board with being Samsung (Android) Drones. A very lame commercial targeted at a very lame demographic. Samsung thinks it is insulting apple customers, but it is endeavoring to make them Samsung customers, but keep their sheep/idiot status-symbol mentality.

Apple tends to talk to its customers with its Think-Different / Switch / Mac-vs-PC ads, where as, Samsung aims to talk around (or over) them..

Matthew Fabb

I don’t think this ad is targeting anyone who would line up for a phone, but the majority who find that behavior as a bit obsessive. They are just poking fun at that and then trying to push their own product.

I found that video funny and saw a lot of people even iPhone owners sharing that video online because they also thought it was funny. As the majority of iPhone users don’t seem themselves as the kind of people who would line up for a new phone.

Kurt Halfyard

Fair enough. I’m not a ‘line-up’ kinda guy either, I just found the poke-fun to be rather obvious, and not in a clever way, although there is this ‘look how clever we are smugness’ to the whole thing, which makes Samsung’s marketing people look even dumber than the Apple people they are poking fun at.


I defended Android phones wholeheartedly and turned my nose up on iPhones… until I succumbed and purchased the 4S. I can’t lie: my Android phone was nice, but the iPhone really does live up to the hype. It’s beyond awesome.