Cinecast Episode 243 – Jump on that Curve and Ride it to Infinity


Soderbegh claims he’s retiring. Yeah right. Every time I turn around my IMDb smart phone app is alerting me to something new he’s working on. Haywire was something we heard about what seems like ages ago now and it’s finally here. Does it live up to the wait and the expectations? Matt Gamble takes another one in the nuts for the team with Red Tails and the latest Underworld picture; in 3D this time. Kurt’s children chime in for a couple of minutes on their thoughts on the 80’s animated series “Dungeons and Dragons.” After that technical snafu, we’ve got a helluva watch list this week rounds out the show with 80s, underrated goofery, catching up with some underseen gems from 2011, a love fest for Ti West’s latest, some Man for Earth discrepancies and a whole lot more.

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Spoiler Alert(!) Podcast – The Innkeepers


Red Tails
Underworld: Awakening (3D)


Certified Copy *SPOILERS*
Adolescents in Space
Radio Wars

Willem & Miranda
– “Dungeons & Dragons”

The Other F Word
The Innkeepers
The Man from Earth

The Women (1939)

Other Stuff Mentioned:
Matt Brown’s Red Tails Review
Marina’s Man on a Ledge review

The Grey
Man on a Ledge

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Lovely quote opening the show that my kids appear’d on, Drew.

Nat Almirall

I’m pretty sure Gamble stole his points from my review of Red Tails — though I forgot to mention the point of not caring about the characters in my review. I meant to, because it does lessen the quality of the action, but I’m glad to see Gamble made an original point. 😉

I just rewatched Clue — I can’t think of many more movies that have so many talented people giving amazing performances, and I agree there are lazy parts, but there are some great and subtle character arcs. Eileen Brennan gives I think the best performance, starting out as a refined senator’s wife, and by the end, she’s totally lost it (“Oh whoever it is they’ve got to go away before they get killed!”), but I also love the way Christopher Lloyd’s horndog professor hits on every woman there in descending order of attractiveness once he’s been rejected by the last one.

Sean Patrick Kelly

Only a third through the podcast, but I wanted to get through one comment.

Since I’m an equal fan of videogames and movies, I want to defend the Resident Evil game series.

I don’t care about the film series and I haven’t seen a single one of them (my mom strangely loves them). However, the videogames are AWESOME.

It’s a shame that the series wasn’t put in better hands. I find the games focus MUCH more on horror than action and I sort of wish the movies followed suit (BTW, Alice was created for movies).

Jandy Hardesty

I won’t defend the Resident Evil movies on any other basis than my obsession with Milla Jovovich – except for the first one. The others I can get through because of her, but the first one I’ve watched probably five or six times, and I really enjoy it just on its own. It’s a guilty pleasure low-budget popcorn flick, sure, but it’s not really any worse than any low-budget genre thriller. Andrew, the second one is the one with the Nemesis project – basically Alice (one strain of genetic research) against Nemesis (another strain). The zombies are almost secondary after the first film, which is something I don’t like about the sequels. The next one looks like it hardly has zombies in it at all. :/

Certified Copy – Pretty much agree with everything Kurt said. I did put it on my top ten this year, actually, since I saw it in 2011. My review stuck closer to the intellectual side, but it’s by far the most warm and emotional treatment of an essentially esoteric idea that I’ve ever seen – talk about making the academic into something experientially real. I’m not sure I took it even as literally as Kurt did, but we’ll see what I think when I get to rewatch it. In light of the importance the film places on the viewer’s response (i.e., art has value because of how people view it rather than anything intrinsic), it’s interesting that the pair of older ladies behind us in the theatre when we saw it thought it was boring and pointless…given the tenets of the movie, I suppose they were right, for them. 🙂

Still have a bit more to listen to on the way home. Can’t wait to see what Andrew thought of The Women – it’s one of my favorite movies. 🙂

Jericho Slim

I feel the same way with Underworld. I found the first one very enjoyable. I’ve watched all the others and they’ve been bad, especially the second one.

Certified Copy is my second favorite film of last year (Tree of Life). I’ve watched it 3 times. I thought they were just play-acting the first half, the first time I saw it. But on re-watch, I’ve concluded that it’s just a metaphorical relationship that occurs in the course of one day.

Andrew, I agree with you about the reflections in the window when they are first driving. It was really amazing on the big screen. Something so simple that looked incredible.

There is a lot of great writing around the net about CC.

Kurt Halfyard

Escalator scene in the Barcelona Airport is pretty damn great in a Vegas-Casino-sort-of-way.


Matt is full of bull…
“Man From earth” isn’t trying to be scientific at all, The scientist surely tries to understand some scientiffic constants that have slightly shifted due to the experiment that caused the “happening” in the middle of the movie, for like 2 minutes.
The rest of the time The main trio of characters just goes from crazy to normal and back to crazy – living the nightmare (alone and scared).

Kurt Halfyard

Dang. I have to see this movie. I feel so left out….!

Sean Patrick Kelly

Now that I’m two thirds through the podcast (it’s hard to listen to a 3hr podcast in one sitting when you have ADHD), I’ll add a couple more comments:

On the subject of Clue, I think it’s a better film watched with people. I remember watching it on my own once and got a bit bored. I saw the film theatrically at Toronto Underground last summer and I have to say that’s the best way to see the film (they even kept the authenticity by only showing one of the endings).

I’d also like to join in on the love for The Innkeepers. It was actually a last-minute ticket for me at Toronto After Dark. I was a little hesitant at buying a ticket, since I going to “In Conversation with…Guillermo del Toro” at the Bell Lightbox the same night and feared I might not make it to the film in time. However, I feared that I would highly regret it if I didn’t go, so got a ticket and it ended up being my favourite film of the festival.

I actually liked it so much, that I also want to see it again when it opens at the Bell Lightbox (probably won’t though). One reason I want to rewatch the film is that we are told the specific number of ghosts haunting the hotel, but I wasn’t able to spot them all (I actually asked Ti West about this during the Q&A). I want to see the film again just so I can have that “ah ha” moment.

Also, in relation to the trailer discussion, I saw the trailer for The Innkeepers at the Bell Lightbox last week and I thought two things about it: 1) It makes it seem like it’s 100% a horror film, which might make people mad about the fact that the first half the film is comedy. 2) Like most trailers, it gives away WAY too much about the film, with many of shots in the trailer coming from the climax.

In fact, after seeing that trailer, I’m actually glad that I saw the film knowing next to nothing about the plot.


You’re right Sean. The trailer didn’t even exist before the TADFF screening, and that’s a good thing.

Jericho Slim

One nitpick about the innkeepers. I liked it a lot, but did anyone find that the ghost didn’t look scary at all? maybe that was the point?


At some point (when Drew catches up with it) I’d like to have a full spoiler conversation about THE INNKEEPERS because I have a lot to say about the nature of the Ghost in the film, and what the film is REALLY about. I think it is a marvel, and the comedy/horror mix is exactly accurate to what the PLOT (or nature of the story) requires.

I really love the film. And it was the best TADFF film at a particularly strong year for TADFF.

Sean Patrick Kelly

I’ve heard such good things about Moscow-Cassiopeia/Adolescents in Space that I went to the Lightbox last night to see The Great Space Voyage, which is from the same studio.

I think other than being centred towards kids, I don’t think this film was anything like the stuff I’ve heard about the other two.

The film was actually a bit of a musical and many songs would come out of nowhere and be accompanied by shots of go-karts (you heard that right).

The film also very much obviously a propaganda film, which carried a communist message throughout (and even ended with an inspirational message from a cosmonaut).

I didn’t even mention the whole “space voyage” plot, since in my opinion the whole thing was a MacGuffin for the film’s propaganda.

At least the film was over in just over an hour.

Kurt Halfyard

I can assure you that the other two films Moscow-Cassiopeia and Adolescents in Space (both of which are on Youtube in complete form with subtitles) are worth a look and not-propaganda driven and a lot of good solid fun. Really worth your time.

Nana Halfyard

My grand kids did a wonderful job. Like dad like kids