Quick. Everybody Move To Toronto!

Every big city has its (admittedly shrinking) share of repertory houses, but only Toronto has Mamo! to succinctly and knowledgeably outline the programming of said theatres. Here Matt and Matt discuss the 2012 Winter Season at Toronto’s TIFF Lightbox for The Substream.

And what delightfully eclectic programming they have his season. I’ll save the surprises for those who watch the video below.

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Andrew James

The Cinema of Nic Cage! I need to call my realtor.

Sean Patrick Kelly

I already live in Toronto! I was born and raised in fact. 😛

Ms Curious

Packing as I type! 🙂

Rick Vance

May have to work in a couple of those Ghibli films into my schedule keep it to favorites which would be Mononoke and Castle in the Sky.