The CAST Awards Podcast 2011

The Cinema Appreciation Society of Toronto (CAST) has announced the results of its annual poll for the best films of the year. Matt Brown and Matt Price, from the Mamo podcast, host a special roundtable of CAST voters, discussing their picks and pans from the list of winners!

Participants include:

Kurt Halfyard, Row Three, Twitch Film (@triflic)

Bob Turnbull, Row Three, Eternal Sunshine of the Logical Mind (@TheLogicalMind)

Joseph Belanger, Black Sheep Reviews (@blacksheeprevs)

Ryan McNeil, The Matinee (@matinee_ca)

James McNally, CAST organizer, Toronto Screen Shots (@toscreenshots)

To download this podcast, use this URL:

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Nicely done, all! Still baffled by the overwhelming love for Drive…


Drive caters to a film geek crowd, I am not surprised. I liked it.


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