Mamo #233: A Prisoner of Your Gibberish

As the year winds to a close we look at a chock-a-block week in popular culture, from Sherlock Holmes to BBC’s Sherlock, from The Hobbit to Lord of the Rings, from Tintin to the next Tintin, and from Prometheus to Alien (in reverse). Pull up a chair and get some cream for your coffee.

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Finally, someone that I can agree with about The Descendents. Decent film but wildly over praised.

Andrew James

While I might agree that The Descendants is a tad overrated, I think the dismissive “don’t bother” comment goes way too far on the other side. It’s not being critically praised (myself included) just because of the Clooney factor, but because it’s actually a really great movie that gets at some interesting issues in unique and creative ways. It also has knock-it-out-of-the-park performances.

I can see why someone might not think it’s amazing, but “don’t bother and go see War Horse” is the opposite of what a thinking person should do.


Una cosa mi sta incuriosendo: l’abito che Chris Evans/Steve Rogers smbrea sfoggiare dietro lo sportello taxi usato come scudo, e8 lo stesso (o perlomeno smbrea lo stesso) che indossa nelle scene girate a Times Square, in cui Cap fa la conoscenza di Nick Fury, presumibilmente ai giorni nostri.Che le automobili anni ’40 e gli individui nel retro siano soltanto attori’ dello SHIELD, ingaggiati per far pensare a Cap di essere ancora in quegli anni?

Matthew Price

Exactly. My thoughts exactly.

Matthew Fabb

While I’m still unsure about how Prometheus will ultimately turn out, I am excited about it. However, I would make note that Ridley Scott has been talking about making a new Alien movie ever since there was talk of the first Aliens versus Predators movie, which he didn’t want to happen. He seemed to think that movie would ruin the Alien franchise and to me it seemed that he got involved again almost to set it right again.

However doing a quick Google search and found him talking about the idea of Prometheus back in 2002:


It’s going to be interesting to see how the incorporate the LOTR characters in to The Hobbit. When most weren’t in the The Hobbit the book.

Matthew Fabb

Gomez, I imagine LOTR characters were possible might get a quick cameo, but Gandalf will likely be the only character seen through out all movies.