Fireplace for Your Home [Courtesy of Netflix]

Merry Christmas RowThree readers! Just a quick note here between gift opening, stomach stuffing and nap taking. If you’re like many of us stuck in an apartment or a house without a chimney, Christmas just doesn’t feel like Christmas without a roaring fireplace to warm the bones while drinking hot cider or cuddling next to the one you love. Luckily, Netflix can help you out with that one.

There are two version that Netflix has on Instant Watch. Each depict an invitingly warm, crackling fireplace. The one entitled episode 1 plays just that: a crispy fireplace that turns your TV into a fireplace. Episode 2 (“Crackling Yule Log Fireplace”) is the same thing along with comforting, Christmas instrumentals to enhance your holiday mood.

There. Don’t say we never gave you anything. Enjoy your holiday. Love, RowThree.

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