1. Andrew James says:

    So Margin Call shows up on one of these lists. Now there’s a movie that seemed to slip quietly through everyone’s radar. I’m going to give it a whirl tonight. Jeremy Irons looks awesome.

  2. Kurt Halfyard says:

    Studio/Distributors avoids subject matter? Not sure why this didn’t get a wider release, It’s LionsGate, and they have the capacity to release things super wide. The film is not too dumbed down (see: The Company Men) perhaps? It’s far from the best film of the year, but it does have a Glengary-esque cast all performing at their best, some really good cinematography, a bit of style (changing the narrator/frame-of-reference as things move up Wall St. Food Chain is a nice touch.)

    Points subtracted for wasting Mary McDonnall and the heavy handed Dog metaphor, but otherwise, smashing stuff. Best Kevin Spacey performance in ages, and Paul Bettany holds his own. Irons is indeed magnificent here.

    Board rooms have never been this exciting since El Metodo.

  3. CS says:

    Only John Waters could put Justin Bieber and Uncle Boonmee on the same year end list…gotta love Waters.

    As for Margin Call, watched this past weekend and loved it. It does not offer anything new per say, but it tells a fascinating story nonetheless. Plus the acting is top notch. I do agree with Kurt that Mary McDonnell is wasted in the film. And yes, the dog metaphor is laid on pretty thick. Still I though it was a great debut film for J.C. Chandor.

    On a side note, I was glad to see Paul Bettany back in a film of substance, I started to loses faith in him after films like Legion and Priest (which I also watched this weekend).

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