1. David Brook says:

    Nice selection this week – that sci-fi chart is saved and ready to advise me on purchases already!

    As for the DVD collection, mine’s spread all over the house, but still very organised. I don’t have separate director sections like yourself (madness), but I have box set, foreign language, documentary, anime, martial arts and TV sections :)

    My mate whose collection we raid for the Weekends of Trash is ridiculous. He has literally thousands of films (many on VHS, but still a hell of a lot of DVD’s), they’re not in any discernible order and are spread all over pretty much every room of the house. Here’s his living room – bear in mind that those piles are two or three films deep, plus there are hundreds more films at the other side of the room: https://lh6.googleusercontent.com/-x-E_x8drHac/TsEc_hJyRBI/AAAAAAAAAks/Gv0UbncFFGg/s640/IMAG0091.jpg

  2. Bob Turnbull says:

    Love both those monster posters. And the sci-fi chart is very well done by incorporating humour in the paths to the books.

    Andrew, that Nicholas Cage section of your collection better contain Raising Arizona and Adaptation to make up for whatever else you have in there…B-)

    • Andrew James says:

      Bob – Raising Arizona is in the Coens section. That small stack of Nic Cage (that is being used as a book end btw) is only Blu-ray. Forgot about Adaptation actually. I have it on standard DVD (top row, 11th from the left I think) and I will move it to the (bottom of) that stack immediately upon my return home!

      PS – bottom row is all Blu.

  3. Jandy Stone says:

    The Coraline gif is making me dizzy. I love watching stop-motion, but it would drive me nuts trying to make it.

    Bob, my only disappointment with the sci-fi/fantasy chart was I got excited seeing the cyberpunk section, and then discovered I had already read all of them, including Cryptonomicon! I guess I gotta move into more obscure selections for that genre.

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