Cinecast Episode 233 (part 1) – You Cannot Unwatch This

We are back from couple of weeks of movie watching, festival attending, friend making, costume gazing and beer drinking. We are ready to talk about it all, too. There are two new release reviews this week: Pedro Almodovar’s The Skin I Live In and the Andrew Niccol ‘first-draft-made-into-a-big-budget-feature’ In Time. From there we spend a lot of time delving into The Watch List and some interesting discussion and debate on Alan Arkin, Kevin Smith, Serbian Exploitation/Satire/Horror, Jack Nicholson, Canadian 3D curios, A modern Mr. Holmes, and indulge (again) on the oral fixation of Ms. Greta Gerwig in The House of the Devil.

Be sure to check out PART TWO of this episode in which we talk about all the great goings-on at the Film Festivals we attended last week – Toronto After Dark and The Flyway Film Fest!

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High and Low Brow Podcast (A Night to Remember and (The War Game)
– Kurt cameo on Mamo!

The Skin I Live In
In Time


– “Sherlock” (season 1)
Red State
A Serbian Film

The Last Detail
The Mask in 3D (not the Jim Carrey movie)
House of the Devil

Jandy’s DVD Triage


Martha Marcy May Marlene
Tower Heist

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Nat Almirall

Agree with Kurt on In Time — and good call on the vampire parallel. That went right over my head; maybe I was distracted by the constant ticking from the time transfers. I actually thought the world they lived in was pretty well realized, though the message is pretty heavily flawed (why wouldn’t the rich just pay to shut off their timers? Or, for that matter, why would anyone base their currency on something so impermanent as time?)

Jandy Hardesty

I try not to be all book-purist, but Catch-22 is one time I couldn’t help it. I loved the book to bits and then went to watch the movie and was vastly disappointed. Some things were fine (Newhart’s Major Major was spot on, and I quite liked Perkins in it, too), but the whole narrative structure was destroyed – the book is structured non-chronologically, which ended up creating a LOT of thematic parallels and juxtapositions that are totally lost in the movie, since it streamlined everything into a strict chronology. I guess Nichols and Henry did as well as you could with the movie, because I think the back-and-forth narrative would’ve been really confusing (it worked in the book because you could constantly go back and reread bits here and there to keep track of things), but man. It just felt like such a shadow of the masterpiece that the book is.

Kurt Halfyard

Catch-22: The whole thing gets rather exhausting at the 90 minute mark, and the film is over 2 hours.

It now makes Charlie Wilson’s War (also directed by Nichols) seem like a far better realized satire on war…

Ross Miller

@Andrew – So glad you loved The Skin I Live In, it’s definitely one of my favourites of the year, too. I have just recently discovered Almodovar’s films (I’ve now seen everything from All About My Mother onwards – my favourite being Talk To Her). Such a creepy, unsettling film without being straight up horror. As usual Almodovar’s colours are very much there (another one of those movies where every frame you could hang on your wall) and the performances are all excellent, particularly from Banderas. Fabulous movie.

Also, you were totally right Andrew when it comes to that main actress – I’ve seen her in a couple of other things (on top of Almodovar’s Talk To Her she’s also in Point Blank, Mesrine, Hierro and – randomly – Van Helsing) but she looks flawless in this. I’m SURE they did something to her skin, either with special effects in post-production or really great make-up work.


A week off from school for thanksgiving?! I’ve been gypped all those years!