Flyway Pubcast #5 – Xan Aranda Talks About Andrew Bird Documentary

Today’s Pubcast is brought to you by Andrew, Matt, Flyway regular Xan Aranda (of the Chicago Short Film Brigade) and Summit Beer Brewing Company. Though Xan has typically been involved with programming the shorts for Flyway Film Fetival in the past, this year she’s here pretty much just for the fun of it. Of course this isn’t to say she doesn’t have stuff to talk about.

Her documentary, Fever Year, featuring musican/songwriter Andrew Bird is on the way. Andrew James meanwhile is busy with his 12 year-old scotch (thanks Peri!) so I defer to my girlfriend Emma to ask the tough questions before Gamble goes back to his gushing. Welcome to the drunken shenanigans that is Flyway 2011!


Meanwhile, check out the trailer for FEVER YEAR under the seats…

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