Flyway Pubcast #5 – Xan Aranda Talks About Andrew Bird Documentary

Today’s Pubcast is brought to you by Andrew, Matt, Flyway regular Xan Aranda (of the Chicago Short Film Brigade) and Summit Beer Brewing Company. Though Xan has typically been involved with programming the shorts for Flyway Film Fetival in the past, this year she’s here pretty much just for the fun of it. Of course this isn’t to say she doesn’t have stuff to talk about.

Her documentary, Fever Year, featuring musican/songwriter Andrew Bird is on the way. Andrew James meanwhile is busy with his 12 year-old scotch (thanks Peri!) so I defer to my girlfriend Emma to ask the tough questions before Gamble goes back to his gushing. Welcome to the drunken shenanigans that is Flyway 2011!


Meanwhile, check out the trailer for FEVER YEAR under the seats…

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Hey Row Three cinephiles, I just wanted to send out a thank you to Andrew and Gamble for these Flyway podcasts! We were actually at the festival and saw a few of the individuals you guys interviewed.

I have been a loyal Row Three and Film Junk subscriber for years now, and I’ve been anticipating the opportunity to see Beauty Day for quite some time. So in that respect, it didn’t require much motivation for us to make the 3 and 1/2 hour trip from Madison to the film fest in Pepin and Stockholm.

We could only spend Saturday in Pepin as a result of work and school schedules, but we still had a blast! We only saw three films; The King of Devil’s Island which was very good, Tony and Janina’s American Wedding which was all right, and of course Beauty Day which we thought was freaking brilliant!

We will most definitely make the trip next year, and I plan on taking enough time off of work and school to indulge in even more films, sights, and sounds of the fest and of the region. The Mississippi River Valley and the Driftless regions of western Wisconsin and eastern Minnesota are just simply gorgeous areas of the Midwest. And Pepin and Stockholm are nice, quaint little towns for an awesome little film festival. So we definitely look forward to next year’s film fest!

I’m just curious, have any of you guys ever attended the Wisconsin Film Festival here in Madison? It takes place in late April and last about five days or so. It’s not nearly as large or as appreciated as some of the more prestigious film festivals, but it is great nonetheless. They always screen many wonderful films at a variety of venues throughout Mad town’s Isthmus, and although it isn’t nearly as intimate as Flyway it’s still just a blast. And if you guys have never visited Madison then that would give you all an excellent excuse to visit the one of the most awesome cities in the nation!