“Chronicle” Trailer

This might sound like a non-sequitor, but I remember one of the things I liked about Jumper (yes, I like Jumper; do something) was the plausibility of what a young kid would probably actually do should he gain super powers. In all likelihood he would not traverse the globe looking for people to save. It’s more likely (s)he’d use the powers for personal gain (e.g. impressing chicks, stealing money and just generally having a good time). In the case of Chronicle, it seems that’s exactly the case. But unlike Jumper, it seems these kids are relatively new to their powers and aren’t quite sure how to handle them.

I knew nothing of the existence of this film until this trailer hit the web the other day. It appears to be another DIY style of film making, or “found footage” if you prefer that term, but the shenanigans played out by the protagonists seems believable and fun. In the end, this is likely going to just be another case of a director finding another way to throw around cars and hope the audience will say, “yeah that’s sick man!”. But hopefully there’s a little more to latch on to here and maybe we’re looking at slightly more high brow early 2012 blockbuster in the vein of Super 8 or Cloverfield.

In all honesty though, I think this looks like a good time. A bunch of kids essentially turning into Dark Jedi in the real world. Plus the characters keep screaming “Andrew” throughout the trailer. I like that.


The trailer is tucked under the seat.



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David Brook

I liked the look of this trailer too. It looks like a nice spin on the superhero genre and the scenes with the guys goofing around felt ‘natural’ enough to suggest that it will work. I am getting a bit sick of ‘found footage’ films, but at least this isn’t another horror one.


Wow, I’d never heard of chronicle before but the trailer looks awesome. I actually was looking for info on a Jumper sequel but sack that, Chronicle looks like amazing!