Flyway Pubcast #2 – “Adventures in Plymptoons” Director Alexia Anastasio

Early on in the evening Matt Gamble and I had the distinct pleasure of sitting down with writer/director Alexia Anastasio to talk about her new documentary, Adventures in Plymptoons. One of my favorite films from Flyway 2011, this documentary explores the vivid and whacky mind of renowned animator, Bill Plympton. You may not recognize the name, but you probably know his work.

Despite being mostly a talking heads documentary, it was clearly made with fun and admiration in mind. Sure all of the speakers are here to show their admiration for Bill, but they’re also here for laughs… and it shows! With bits and scraps of Bill’s work intertwined among all of the interviews and old-school footage, the movie is exactly what Bill Plympton would want it to be: a frickin’ ball!


You can follow Alexia and the film here:
Film Page

… or check out the trailer under the seats!…