Flyway Pubacast #3 – Gary King!

Our good buddy GARY KING is back at Flyway once again! While he doesn’t have a film this year (he had two last year so he’s trying to maintain modesty), he’s always down for a cine-conversation. James Gillham from Where the Long Tail Ends wanted to talk to the director a little bit about horror films in general, given the time of year. I couldn’t help but interrupt and give my own thoughts as well.

From there we talk a little bit about Gary’s upcoming film How Do You Write a Joe Schermann Song and when we can expect a screening. Mostly it’s all laughs and fun here as we takl about The Exorcist, [rec] and other paranormal and religious horrifications (welcome to Flyway Film Festival!).


You can follow Gary and his films here:
Film Page

AND check out the trailer for How do You Write a Joe Schermann Song under the seats…